All About ETL Testing, Data Migration & Data Warehouse Testing

QA Challenges in Data Integration Projects

  Download Whitepaper from here QA Challenges Data Integration Projects Quality Assurance (QA) is a very important component of any data-centric application project.  Projects such as data warehouse, data migration, ETL, Data Lakes and MDM are no exception. The Majority of these projects are the multi-year and multi-million dollar in nature due to the amount of…


Agile Data Warehouse Testing & Data Migration Testing

Automate data warehouse etl testing and migration testing the agile way from Sandesh Gawande   Development of a data warehouse, ETL, data migration or conversion always faces an ever-decreasing timeline. These implementations can take years to complete and users are not ready to wait that long. The waterfall development model has been discarded in favor…


The Data Migration Process & the Potential Risks

In this week’s iCEDQ insight, we’ll cover the risks associated with the data migration process. What is Data Migration? Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another system, known as the target system, using a variety of tools and techniques. Below are the different types of migrations which are encountered…


3 Reasons to Perform ETL Testing

3 Reasons Why You Need to Perform ETL Testing

An ETL process is at the heart of any data centric system/ project be it Data Migration or Data Warehouse. All the data movement, transformation, and conversions are done by the ETL process in order to ensure that all the data is uniform in terms of quantity, quality, and format. So, why is ETL testing…


Basic-Concept-How to test an ETL process

How to test an ETL process – Basic Concept

In the previous blog post, the question was raised as to how to test an ETL process? So today we will talk about the basic concept of ETL testing and Data Warehouse testing. The answer lies in the understanding of an ETL process. An ETL process at its core reads data, applies a transformation on…



ETL Testing Vs. Application Testing – The Fundamental Difference

At the core, quality is the measurement of deviation between what is expected vs. actual. In quality assurance practice, we implement a set of tests to measure this deviation. The extent of the deviation indicates the quality of the software. In any application testing, there are three common terms that we will notice: Requirements Test…