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DataOps Implementation Guide-iCEDQ

DataOps Implementation Guide

DataOps For Big Data, ETL, Data Migration, Business Intelligence ReportingDon’t be Siloed… Adopt DataOps Data-centric projects are becoming both bigger in size and complexity, which makes execution that much more difficult.  This not only creates delays in project execution but also results in poor data quality.  More and more projects are facing: Longer time to…

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AML Software Implementation & Production Monitoring with iCEDQ DataOps Platform-iCEDQ

AML Software Implementation & Production Monitoring with iCEDQ DataOps Platform

iCEDQ accelerates AML software implementation and prevents false positive signals in AML operations. AML software is a downstream system that consumes data from multiple sources. AML software analyzes data based on compliance models.  This results in suspicious activity reports. Further, they also monitor data for regulations such as FATCA, trade restrictions, sanctions, and watch list. However, if…

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What Are The Challenges Of A Data Factory-iCEDQ

What Are The Challenges Of A Data Factory

DataOps Platform for Integrated Data Testing & Production Monitoring DataOps is a set of practices and tools used by Big Data teams to increase velocity, reliability, and quality of data analytics. It emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, automation, measurement and cooperation between data scientists, analysts, data/ETL (extract, transform, load) engineers, information technology (IT), and quality assurance/governance.…

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