Migrating Database to Redshift, Snowflake, Azure DW and Test with iCEDQ

Migrating Database to Redshift, Snowflake, Azure DW | Blog

The complexity of migration from a database to a new platform and time for implementing it has many challenges; Lack of strategy, incorrect assumptions, lack of tools, and complexity of the environment to name a few.

We at iCEDQ are not involved in choosing your new database platform. Choosing a database platform is beyond the scope of this article. We do want to help you by providing a checklist for your data migration effort and a data migration testing strategy.

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Data Migration Testing Techniques to Migrate Data Successfully Featured - iCEDQ

Data Migration Testing Techniques | Blog

We discussed the potential risks involved with the data migration process in our last iCEDQ insight. As previously mentioned, data migration is an important process where data from one system is transferred to a new, target system. The threat of data loss, data corruption, extended downtime, and application crashes make the data migration process risky. Amid these potential risks, a proper quality assurance process must be implemented to test the possibility of various risks of affecting the data migration process.

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The Data Migration Process & the Potential Risks Feature - iCEDQ

The Data Migration Process & Potential Risks | Blog

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another system, known as the target system, using a variety of tools and techniques.
Below are the different types of migrations which are encountered in different enterprises: Database Migration: This involves moving from one database software to another. E.g. your organization just bought HP Vertica and is planning to from MySQL to HP Vertica. Database Version Upgrade: This involves upgrading the older version of the database to the latest or most current available database version.

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