Frequently Asked Questions

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What is iCEDQ?

Integrity Check Engine for Data Quality (iCEDQ) is an ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing and Data Qualilty Governance Platform.

Where can be iCEDQ used?

It can be used in any data-centric project like Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Data Migration, MDM, CRM or any other data related project.

During which phase of the project can I used iCEDQ?

You can use iCEDQ in

  • Development phase for Quality Assurance/ Testing
  • Production phase for Data Monitoring/ Compliance

Who should be interested in iCEDQ?

Following groups of users should be interested in iCEDQ

  • Developers for UNIT Testing
  • QA Users for Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Regression Testing
  • QA Managers for Release Management, Sign Off
  • Data Architects, DW Managers to monitor the progress of the project
  • Governance/ Compliance Users for Governing or Monitoring the Production system

How to schedule a demo for iCEDQ?

You can schedule a demo by registering here for the same.

What are the list of databases iCEDQ can connect to?

iCEDQ connects to any JDBC compliant database through JDBC driver or JDBC-ODBC bridge. To name a few, it connects to SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Teradata, Sybase, MySQL, Greenplum, Netezza, HP Vertica, Postgres SQL, Amazon Redshift and many more.

Can iCEDQ compare a File with a database?

Yes. iCEDQ can compare a Flat File (Delimited/ Fixed Width) or Excel Sheet with any database.

What amount of data can be compared using iCEDQ?

You can compare millions of rows with iCEDQ. Depending upon the type of audit rule created, iCEDQ can process anywhere between 10k – 20k rows/ sec.

Do I receive certain kind of alert or notification if a test fails?

Yes, iCEDQ will send email alerts on success or failure of rule depending upon how it is configured.

We have HPQC and want to see all the results in iCEDQ. Can we do that with iCEDQ?

Yes, iCEDQ comes with an outbox integration with HP ALM 11 or above. You can import the Requirement and Test Cases from HP ALM and associate the audit rules. After the execution results will be posted back in HP ALM.

I want to integrate iCEDQ with Informatica. Is it possible?

Yes, it can be integrated with ETL Tool out there in the market through command line or web services.

Can it also be integrated with Control-M or Autosys?

Definitely, you can achieve that using the command line or web service interface of iCEDQ.

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