iCEDQ Modules

Comprehensive Data Testing & Quality Governance Solution in a Box

iCEDQ is a testing platform specifically built to automate ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing and Production Data Monitoring. It helps users identify data issues generated by the ETL processes. iCEDQ provides a complete automated solution with a built in ability to audit, validate and reconcile data across/ within heterogeneous data sets.

The complete platform consist of different modules for various users present in the data warehousing or data migration project. Below are the core modules of iCEDQ.

iAUDIT - Rules Management

It is our core module for data testing which sits on top of our physical rules engine that runs behind the scene and actually connects to databases and validated data for integrity. This module is used to create check sum rules, reconciliation rules, validation rules and regression packs. These rules after execution produce exception reports highlighting the data exceptions/ issues between the source and target system.

iAUDIT - Data Testing Rules Management

iQA - Requirements & Test Cases

It is a dedicated Requirements and Test Case management module for data testing, mostly used by the quality assurance team in the organization. This module gives the user an ability to associate the Rules created in the iAUDIT module with the Requirements and Test Cases. Now users can execute the requirements in turn executing the Rules associated with it. It helps QA teams to perform the release management easily. Thus, it not only saves time, money and resources but also provides insight into the real progress of the project.

iQA - Data Testing Requirements & Test Cases

iGOVERN - Production Data Monitoring

It is an enterprise data quality governance solution for data-centric systems. It constantly monitors data in various systems like data warehouse, MDM, CRM, and provides proactive feedback about the status by various means. Measure critical output parameter, comparing it to an ideal value (set point), use error to adjust the process or send upstream to take manual action. Accountabilities can be set by subject areas or business processes. Based on business objectives physical rules can be implemented based that run on schedule or on demand.

iGOVERN - Data Quality Governance

iALM - Integration with HP ALM

It is our simple out of the box integration of iCEDQ with HP Application Life-Cycle Management. Most of the organizations already have HP ALM (HP QC) addressing there needs for requirements and test case managements. With iALM users can now import these requirements and test cases from HP ALM into iCEDQ, associate physical rules to test these test cases and proved the success or failure of the tests back to HP ALM( HP QC) using web services.

iQA - Data Testing integration with HP ALM