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Instructor Lead Training Program and Certification Exam

iCEDQ instructor lead training classes are delivered live-online exclusively by iCEDQ. Join our online classes with other learners from all around the world wide web. Each class is interactive and offers hands-on exercises via virtual labs. Students use their own laptops and should test for successful connectivity prior to class.

A. Register for Classes.     B. Participate in the instructor lead training.     C. Give the online exam.     D. Get Certified.

Register today and start take the training, pass the exam and get certified.

Why get certified?

  • Stand out: Differentiate yourself and stand out as a top performer.
  • Move forward: Open the door to more opportunities and advancements on your career path.
  • Advance your team: Optimize iCEDQ platform for your teams, so they can do their best work.
iCEDQ Training Certificate