We’re here to train you on various aspects of ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing, and Production Data Monitoring


Instructor Lead Training Program and Certification Exam

iCEDQ instructor lead training classes are delivered live-online exclusively by iCEDQ. Join our online classes with other learners from all around the world wide web. Each class is interactive and offers hands-on exercises via virtual labs. Students use their own laptops and should test for successful connectivity prior to class.

A. Register for Classes.     B. Participate in the instructor lead training.     C. Give the online exam.     D. Get Certified.

Enjoy real-time interaction with an instructor and students from other companies in our online classes. We offer them virtually, and you join an online meeting. No travel is required – you can join any location In the world if you have a good Internet connection. You’ll also get access to your own cloud-based environment during the class to perform guided exercises.

One and a half days.

We schedule training sessions on a regular basis. Please register and we will enroll you into the next schedule.

  1. Basic Concept of Data Centric Testing
  2. Configurations
  3. Rules
    1. Checksum Rules
    2. Validation Rules
    3. Recon Rules
    4. Script Rules
    5. Advanced Rule Options
  4. Use Cases
    1. ETL Testing
    2. Data Migration Testing
    3. Data Monitoring & Compliance
  5. Groovy Scripting
  6. Janino Scripting
  7. Architecture for Standard Edition, Load Balancer, High Throughput Edition & Big Data Edition

You will receive a certificate as an “iCEDQ Certified Developer”. The certificate is valid for a calendar year. Refresher course will be required if there are changes in the software.

$749 per trainee. For Group discounts please contact us.

Each student uses an individual virtual lab machine for hands-on exercises and must be prepared and able to access a fast broadband Internet connection with a capable computer. We provide the classes through WebEx.

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iCEDQ Training Certificate