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Meet iCEDQ. Your ETL Testing & Monitoring Software

iCEDQ is a complete data testing and monitoring software used by organizations to automate Data Warehouse Testing, Data Migration Testing, Big Data Testing and other data related projects.

iCEDQ - ETL Test Automation Platform for Data Lakes & Data Warehouses

iCEDQ’s solution work in the cloud or your data center. It supports testing for all ETL tools, databases, Hadoop and different files formats.

iCEDQ - Data Certification Platform. Built For Performance And Hadoop

iCEDQ is built for Performance and Hadoop. With iCEDQ improve processing time by 10 to 100X, Run 100’s of concurrent processes, Supports 100’s of concurrent users, Process rows in millions and billions.

iCEDQ - Data Migration Test Automation Platform

Companies are migrating from the Legacy system to the new system or to the cloud. With iCEDQ Automate your data migration testing, shrink the project timelines, increase test coverage and reduce project risk.

iCEDQ - DataOps Platform For Testing & Monitoring Your Data Pipeline

Every day organizations receive and process terabytes of data from external and internal sources. Avoid compliance issues, fines and reputation risks. Get iCE-DQ today for your production data monitoring and compliance.