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Data is the most critical element of any enterprise. Important decisions for the enterprise are taken based on the data present in the data warehouse. So, it is important that quality of the data is good and all the data issues have been resolved before it makes it into the hands of the business for decision making. However, clients face major challenges in performing the ETL testing for any data related projects.

The Challenge

With companies building huge data warehouses with hundreds and thousands of ETL/ Data feeds, the key challenge is how to implement ETL testing as well as monitor companies progress in the most effective way.

Key Issues

  • Data Structure Mismatch

  • Data Format Mismatch

  • Data Integrity Issues

  • Duplicate Data

  • Data Truncation Issues

  • Data Completeness Issue

How do we automate ETL testing for multiple ETL Process?

ETL Processes takes data from source systems, transforms the data and loads it to the target system. The data typically lies in various different databases and flat files. The challenge lies in making sure that the ETL process runs and transforms the data correctly.

How do we collaborate with global teams and track the progress?

In today’s world the teams are spread across globally. There is no transparency on the progress of the ETL testing being performed. The challenge is that users perform manual ETL testing in isolation and therefore can duplicate the work effort.

How do we integrate an automated solution with current environment?

Companies have invested in various different technologies and tools for their current setup of data centric project. Adding a new platform and integrating it with their portfolio is a very big challenge.

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Our Solution

iCEDQ is a purpose built ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing and Data Quality Governance platform for enterprise. It identifies error in data integration processes against technical and functional requirements written in data mapping documents. iCEDQ provides a complete automated solution with a built in ability to audit, validate and reconcile data within/ across heterogeneous data sets.

Key Benefits

  • Full Volume Testing

  • Compare across Databases

  • Flat File vs Database

  • Regression Testing

  • Increased Test Coverage

  • No Custom Code

Audit, Validate and Reconcile

iCEDQ’s rules engine specifically build for ETL testing can test or reconcile 100% of the data across the databases and files for you. Below are some of the tests that can be performed.

  • Schema Comparison

  • Full Volume Data Reconciliation

  • Duplicate Data Checks

  • Business Validations and many more…

Collaboration, Transparency & Feedback

Web based client allows global teams to collaborate to perform ETL testing. iCEDQ repository stores all the rules, requirements and its test results inside the database that increases transparency across the teams.

Integration with HP – QC and other tools

iCEDQ, the ETL testing, data migration testing and data quality governance platform, comes with out of the box integration with HP Quality Center. Moreover, it can also be integrated with enterprise scheduling tools like Control – M, autosys as well as ETL tools like Informatica, DataStage and others.