iCEDQ Features

Gain immense productivity and quality with our automation solution

iCEDQ is a testing platform specifically built to automate ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing and Production Data Monitoring. It helps users identify data issues generated by the ETL processes. iCEDQ provides a complete automated solution with a built in ability to audit, validate and reconcile data across/ within heterogeneous data sets.

iCEDQ provides a complete automated solution with a built in ability to audit, validate and reconcile data across within/ across heterogeneous data sets.

Drag & Drop Scripting

No need to waste hours in writing scripts and programs to test complex ETL Transformations.

Alerts & Notification

An easy way of staying on the top of the daily issues by subscribing to get notified via email alerts.

Repository Based

It stores all the metadata and execution details inside a database repository that makes it easy for everyone to access.

Custom Tagging

Generate custom tags for the purpose of classification. A powerful feature that allows user to create custom reports to find out issues based on the tags.


Schedule the execution of a Rule, Requirement or a Test Case using the inbuilt scheduler.

HP QC Integration

Users can execute the requirements in iCEDQ, the results will be posted back to HP ALM allowing the managers to have one single place to monitor the QA of complete enterprise.

Database & Files

It supports comparison across various databases and file formats.

Import/ Export

A functionality that allows moving all the requirements/ test cases and rules from one repository/ environment to another easily.

Compare millions of rows

Our Rules engine has the ability to compare millions of rows.

LDAP Authentication

Increases the security by providing Single Sign On, which allows to authenticate the user login against the network user database.

Command Line

Integrate the iCEDQ audit rules in your ETL workflow or schedule it using enterprise schedulers such as Control – M , Autosys with the help of the command line interface.

Rules Wizard

Automatically create the Rules by providing the database connection and tables to the rules wizard. Speed up the process of creating rules for migration projects.

Web Services

Integrate with your current enterprise tools such as Informatica, SSIS, IBM Data Stage using the Web Services.


It is a flexible and user-friendly platform. This allows easier adoption in current environment.

Requirements & Test Case

A Requirement and Test case management module is for Quality Assurance. QA users can link Rule with requirements and get the results by executing them.


Parametrization is a very commonly used feature. Users can create their own key/ value pairs and use them for execution of Rules/ Tests.

Data Governance

Implement governance in your production environment by creating business process and audit points and link the Rules to them to monitor the data.