DevOps to DataOps with iCEDQ

Implementing CI/CD pipeline

iCEDQ Engine

DevOps to DataOps with iCEDQ

While DevOps has become popular within application development, Data-Centric projects are still lagging in terms of actual implementations primarily due to a lack of QA automation tools. iCEDQ enables organizations to implement a DevOps pipeline. The core of DevOps is implementing Continues Development and Deployment. The key prerequisite of implementing DevOps is automation of Code Repository, QA, Build Process and Deployment. iCEDQ has developed a Jenkins Plugin. Jenkins or similar products orchestrate the complete activities of extracting code, deploying code (ETL, DDL) and executing iCEDQ rules to verify the implementation.


DevOps to DataOps with iCEDQ

A. Develop Test Cases in iCEDQ

1. Create rule script outside iCEDQ or

2. Create rule inside iCEDQ

B. DEV- Start CI/CD Orchestration automation with tool such as Jenkins

3. Save the rule script in Git (or any code repository)

4. Get ETL code from the code repository

5. Get Database code and deploy

6. Get iCEDQ uses cases and deploy

7. Execute ETL processes

8. Execute iCEDQ Audit Rules

9. iCEDQ commits results to JIRA or similar case management tools

C. OPS- Post deployment Actions for Jenkins and iCEDQ

10. Get iCEDQ rules from the code repository

11. Deploy iCEDQ rules into production instance of iCEDQ Platform

12. Set schedule for rule execution as part of ETL batch

13. Report results back in Issue management software like Jira.

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