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Torana Inc. solves challenges in the real world. Our purpose built ETL Testing and Data Monitoring platform enables companies to accelerate development & scale testing of data-centric systems, resulting in reduced project risk. With the goal of transforming the process of data-centric testing, Torana Inc was started in 2005.  We accomplished just that by building a new ETL Testing and Data Monitoring platform from the ground up. Our unique solution was first sold in 2008.

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The feedback from our customers has helped us to continuously evolve the product into a complete test data management solution. It has matured into an agile platform delivering 100x scalability with a 40% cost reduction over the manual and cumbersome ETL testing processes. It has gained acceptance in some of the top tier companies such as Nomura Securities, Hotwire, Navigators Insurance, Ameri Health.

Our Story

In 2005, The Company was founded by a team of data architects to solve various challenges related to Data Centric Projects. At that time they identified a gap in the market for comprehensive DW/ETL testing software. They then embarked on building a platform that would provide customers an easy way to set up an automated solution for end to end testing of their data centric projects.

Three years later the product was commercially available for the market. Since then we have served clients in Insurance, Finance, Healthcare and Retail space.

We strongly believe that in today’s world, Data is the key of any business decision making. Therefore we are continuously working towards building a better solution to make sure that the quality of your data is good.


Data Integration - 8 Years
ETL Testing & Data Monitoring - 6 Years
DDLC Methodology - 4 Years

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