DataOps Platform for
Testing and Monitoring

Identify data issues in your Data warehouse. Big Data
and Data Migration Projects.


Test millions or billions of rows


iCEDQ Standard Edition

The very first edition of iCEDQ designed to test and validate any volume of data using our in-memory engine. It supports complex validation with the help of SQL and Groovy.


iCEDQ HT Edition

It is designed for high-performance Data Warehouse Testing. It scales based on the number of cores on the server and is 5X faster than the standard editiion.


iCEDQ Spark Edition

Use an Apache Spark cluster to test and validate your high data volume on-perm or in the cloud. Performance scales with the number of nodes in the Spark cluster.

Automate ETL Testing and Big Data Testing

Use the iCEDQ platform to completely transform your ETL and Data Warehouse Testing landscape by
automating it end to end by letting the user focus on analyzing and fixing the issues.


Rolled out across global enterprises


Connect with over 50 most popular data sources




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