Yellowbrick Migration Testing

Test and verify 100% of your data migration with iCEDQ

Yellowbrik Migration Testing-iCEDQ

What is Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick is the world’s only modern data warehouse for hybrid cloud. Enterprises rely on Yellowbrick to do the impossible in data analytics: get answers to the hardest business questions for improved profitability, better customer loyalty, and faster innovation in near real time, and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Yellowbrick offers superior price/performance for thousands of concurrent users on petabytes of data, along with the unique ability to run analytic workloads on-premises, in a private cloud, and/or any public cloud and manage them in a simple, consistent way–all with predictable pricing via annual subscription.

Yellowbrick Partner with iCEDQ

Migrating To Yellowbrick

Migrating to a new data warehouse platform is generally a complicated process and is risky due to potential data quality issues. In order to be successful, a data migration plan needs meticulous execution at every phase. Like generals in a war room, architects, engineers, managers, and business users strategize the steps required for an effective Data Migration plan. However, an incomplete migration strategy will lead to excessive delays and cost overruns.

Yellowbrick is a high performing modern cloud data warehouse that can run heavy analytic workloads and supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments. iCEDQ, a leader in Data Migration Testing, is an end-to-end automation platform for Data Testing and Monitoring.

Yellowbrick and iCEDQ have partnered together to help organizations test and verify 100% of their data migration to Yellowbrick’s modern hybrid cloud data warehouse from any legacy database or data warehouse using our Rules based in-memory engine.

With iCEDQ and Yellowbrick, you can:

Certify Data Migration-iCEDQ

Certify Data Migration

Ensure all the billions of records and thousands of tables have been migrated from your legacy data warehouse to Yellowbrick successfully and certifiably using our in-memory data validation and reconciliation engine.

Accelerate Test Generation-iCEDQ

Accelerate Test Generation

Quickly create count checks, schema checks, aggregate data compare, and table data compare for 1000’s of tables using templatized tests.

Test Downstream Systems-iCEDQ

Test Downstream Systems

Validate and reconcile data from multiple data sources to Yellowbrick with iCEDQ’s in-memory data audit rules engine before it can affect the downstream systems.

Certify data migration with iCEDQ

iCEDQ running with Yellowbrick provides organizations with added confidence knowing that their data is of the highest integrity. Together, iCEDQ and Yellowbrick deliver a robust solution that helps organizations transform themselves with data-driven insights at large scale and unprecedented speed, and with leading price/performance. iCEDQ, the only In-memory data migration testing platform, can certify 100% of the data migration from Netezza, Teradata, SQL Server, Oracle, or any other database or data warehouse to Yellowbrick.

Yellowbrick Data Migration Testing with iCEDQ

Key Features

Rules Engine-iCEDQ

In Memory Engine

Reconcile, test, and validate high volumes of data between Yellowbrick and any other database at scale and at faster speeds.

Types of Rules-iCEDQ

Rule Types

Create tests to identify data issues between legacy data warehouse and Yellowbrick. Examples include schema compare, row count checks, row data compare (full and delta), and aggregated data compare (full and delta).

Automated test generations-iCEDQ

Automated Test Generation

Use custom templates to create different types of checks for any or all tables in a matter of minutes using our test generator with drag & drop functionality.

CI Tool Integration-iCDQ

CI/CD Integration

Integrate with your data pipeline and run Rules automatically to identify data issues proactively.

iCEDQ integrates Report testing with DevOps solution

Report Generation

Generate data certification reports for your businesses to sign off on. The built-in iCEDQ dashboard also gives management transparency and insight into data issues identified during migration.

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