ETL Testing & Data Monitoring Software

iCEDQ provides the ability to test your data warehouse, data migration, big data and monitor the data for compliance.

ETL Testing

Automate ETL Testing as the complexity of ETL process is increasing on a daily basis.


Migration Testing

Manage the chaos of your data migration project. Reconcile old and new system for correct data.


Data Monitoring

Data that is used for decision making must have checks and controls to ensure compliance.


Data Certification

Comply with data risk, validation and reconciliation requirements for BCBS-239.

iCEDQ - DataOps Automation Platform
iCEDQ - Data Testing Performance & Hadoop


Hadoop & Database Connectors

iCEDQ supported platform list


iCEDQ - ETL Testing Software

An agile rules engine platform for automated ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing and Production Data Monitoring. It improves the productivity and shortens project time lines of ETL testing projects with powerful features.


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Data Migration Testing

Data migration is difficult and time consuming task. As much as 84% of data migration projects fail. The Key data migration risk can be effectively dealt with reconciliation based rules engine.