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Automate Data Warehouse, ETL Testing and Migration Testing The Agile Way

Data Warehouse, ETL & Migration projects are exposed to huge financial risks due to lack of QA automation. At iCEDQ, we suggest the agile rules based testing approach for all data integration projects.

QA Challenges in Data Integration

33% of your Data Integration project timeline can be reduced with proper QA methodologies. Lower risks in your Data warehouse, Data Migration, ETL, Data Lake, and MDM projects.

ETL Testing & Data Monitoring

A unified DataOps Automation Platform, deliver projects on time and eliminate data risks. iCEDQ provides you the ability to test your data warehouse, data migration, big data and monitor the data for compliance.

Data Certification Platform - Built for Performance and Hadoop

If you need performance and scalability; iCEDQ offers a Java-based server with the ability to test complex data transformation. It processes a large volume of data with high speed. It has…

  • Real-time and In-memory processing
  • Supports complex validation rules
  • Data Reconciliation rules
  • Groovy Scripting rules
  • Fast processing

ETL Test Automation Platform for Data Lakes & Data Warehouses

Are you aware; 99% of the companies have automated their Application Testing, but for Data Projects it is not even 1%!!!

Why is that?
To understand this huge gap, we need to first understand the difference between software applications, and data-centric projects. Automate your ETL testing with iCEDQ.

Data Migration Test Automation Platform

Companies are migrating from the Legacy system to the new system or to the cloud. For this migration to be successful, the first step is to ensure that the schema in the new system is consistent with the legacy system. You can perform this verification of the new schema with iCEDQ.

Production Data Monitoring & Compliance

Every day organizations receive and process terabytes of data from external and internal sources. There are 1000’s of background jobs extracting, transforming and loading data for analytics. But how do you know, if you received correct data or if you processed the data correctly?

Incorrect processing of data will lead to compliance issues, fines, and reputation risks. Monitor your data pipeline with iCEDQ

BI Report Testing & Dashboard Testing

Companies rely on their reports for their critical business decisions. This makes the accuracy of the reports a necessity to run their business.

Earlier the reports could only be verified manually, which is a very tedious, costly and error-prone process. Now with iCEDQ, you can automate the BI Testing, Report Testing & Dashboard Testing.