iCEDQ your Gatekeeper for Data Issues-iCEDQ

iCEDQ your Gatekeeper for Data Issues

The Challenges: Today’s organizations have thousands of data integration (ETL) processes constantly moving silos of data from various operational and/or external data sources to downstream applications.
Since the downstream system doesn’t have control over incoming data or the process, it can cause serious data issues due to:
The quality of the data depends on the upstream systems,
The ETL jobs may not process the data correctly.

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iCEDQ Platform vs Data Quality Tools-iCEDQ

iCEDQ Platform vs Data Quality Tools

iCEDQ is a Quality Assurance and Test Automation platform for data-centric projects and processes such as data warehouse, CRM, data migration & conversion, ETL. It certifies the ETL processes or migration by effective ETL Testing and Data Migration Testing. The product can be further used for monitoring the data processes in production. The product emphasizes mainly process quality.

The major difference between iCEDQ & other Data Quality tools is the purpose they serve. iCEDQ is a test automation platform for process quality whereas other Data Quality tools are a combination of data profiling & fixing/ correction tool used in production.

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