Learn how several Snowflake customers have leveraged iCEDQ and iCEDQ’s RuleGen Utility for their Migration Testing from Netezza, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc.


80% reduction in project timeline


50% reduction in the number of resources required for
data migration testing


100% automation in test cases


Zero production incidents


100% test coverage

This eBook provides a comprehensive framework with planning, scoping, and testing for Snowflake migration.
  1. Pre-migration Analysis and Test Planning
  2. Schema Migration and Testing with iCEDQ
  3. Auto-Generate Migration Test Rules with iCEDQ’s RuleGen
  4. Initial Load and Testing with iCEDQ
  5. Delta Load and Testing with iCEDQ
  6. Parallel Run and Testing with iCEDQ
  7. Cutover and Release Certification with iCEDQ
  8. Production Data Monitoring with iCEDQ

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