How to Perform Validations for Data Patterns in File?

This video explores how to leverage iceDQ’s data validation capabilities to enforce predefined patterns for various
data types like email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers.

iceDQ simplifies data validation by offering a user-friendly interface to create validation rules. This video
demonstrates the process of creating a rule that:

  • Establishes a connection to your source file (e.g., CSV).
  • Excludes header rows and previews the customer data.
  • Defines regular expressions (regex) to validate specific data formats:
    1. SSN: Ensures proper format (excluding specific values and lengths).
    2. Email: Verifies valid email structure.
    3. Phone Number: Validates adherence to phone number standards.
    4. Date of Birth: Confirms correct date format.
    5. Credit Card Number: Checks for valid card types (e.g., Mastercard starting
      with 5) and proper digit sequences.
    6. State Code &
      Zip Code: Validates against standard formats.
    7. Modified Date: Ensures date format consistency.
  • Includes a source column (e.g., Customer ID) for easy identification of failing

By running the rule, you can identify discrepancies between your data and the predefined formats. This helps you:

  • Maintain data quality by ensuring consistent and accurate customer information.
  • Improve data processing efficiency by minimizing errors downstream.
  • Boost customer confidence through reliable and trustworthy data.

Watch the video to learn the step-by-step process and gain valuable insights into data
validation using iceDQ. Optimize your data management and ensure your customer data adheres to the highest standards!

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