How to test Referential Data Integrity?

Use iceDQ to ensure data integrity in your database by verifying referential integrity! This video demonstrates how iceDQ helps test referential constraints, a crucial aspect of data integrity.

Referential integrity guarantees consistency between related tables in a database. It ensures that foreign keys (references) in a child table always point to valid primary keys in the parent table. In other words, it prevents orphaned records in the child table that reference non-existent entities in the parent table.

iceDQ’s reconciliation rules provide a powerful tool for testing referential integrity. By comparing data points like product IDs between the child (“ProductInventory”) and parent (“Product”) tables in the AdventureWorks database, iceDQ identifies potential discrepancies.

The video showcases the process of creating a reconciliation rule in iceDQ. This rule focuses on a specific check: verifying that all product IDs in the “ProductInventory” table have corresponding entries in the “Product” table.

By utilizing iceDQ’s reconciliation capabilities, you can proactively identify and address referential integrity issues, maintaining the accuracy and consistency of your data.

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