How to Validate Tables after Data Migration between SQL Server and Snowflake?

This video explores how to leverage reconciliation rules to validate data accuracy after the transfer process.

Data migration involves moving data from one system to another. Maintaining data integrity during this process is crucial. This video demonstrates how iceDQ helps you achieve this.

iceDQ’s reconciliation rules empower you to compare data between your source (SQL Server) and target (Snowflake) tables. The video showcases the process of creating a rule that establishes connections to both databases, defines join conditions to match corresponding records and performs data type conversion (e.g., date format) when necessary to ensure compatibility.

By identifying discrepancies (mismatches) between the source and target data, the rule helps you to guarantee data accuracy in your Snowflake tables after migration, maintain data consistency across your systems and proactively address data quality issues before they impact downstream processes.

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