How to Verify Date Format?

Ensure the accuracy of your date-based data with iceDQ’s data validation capabilities! This video demonstrates how to create data validation rules to verify that date values in your tables adhere to the expected format.

Data validation is crucial for maintaining clean and reliable data. In this video, we’ll focus on validating string date formats.

iceDQ empowers you to define specific validation rules. You’ll see how to create a rule that checks if specific columns, like “SellStartDate” and “SellEndDate”, conform to a predefined format (e.g., YYYY MM DD HH MM SS.S). This ensures consistency and reduces errors in your data analysis.

The video showcases the process of building a validation rule, defining a custom date format, and applying it to relevant date columns. By successfully executing the rule, you can guarantee that your date values are formatted correctly, enabling accurate data processing and reporting.

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