How to Verify Transformation Logic using Concat Expression?

Ensure the accuracy of your data transformations with iceDQ! This video explores how to leverage concat expressions and reconciliation rules to test the logic behind data transformations.

Data transformation involves converting data from one format to another. This video focuses on testing transformations where multiple source columns are concatenated into a single target column.

iceDQ’s reconciliation rules empower you to verify this logic. You’ll see how to create a rule that compares the concatenated values from your source table (first name, middle name, last name) with the corresponding target column (“name”).

Concat expressions play a crucial role in defining this comparison. The video demonstrates how to build an expression that combines source data with special logic to handle missing values (e.g., replacing a missing middle name with a blank space).

By successfully executing the rule, you can identify discrepancies between the transformed data and the expected outcome. This helps ensure the accuracy of your data flow and prevents errors in downstream processes.

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