iCEDQ and Connx Solutions announces Technology Partnership

Today iCEDQ and CONNX Solutions signed a strategic partnership that gives iCEDQ full access to CONNX Solutions wide range of mainframe and mid-tier system JDBC drivers, for Data Migration Testing and Data Warehouse Testing.

iCEDQ is a data testing and auditing platform built to automate Data Migration Testing, Data Warehouse Testing and Production Data Monitoring. Now, Connx allows iCEDQ to offer their solution/ platform to companies with mainframe and mid-tier systems for testing and monitoring their data systems.

CONNX Solutions is a global leader of data access and integration. CONNX offers the widest range of database drivers in the industry with more than 100 databases and over a dozen platforms supported. Data residing in mainframe, mid-tier, desktop or cloud systems can be accessed, manipulated, or moved using the CONNX product suite.

“There is a big push in the market to modernize their legacy system by extracting data from their mainframe systems or migrating data to modern systems. Only CONNX has a complete solution to connect and extract data from mainframe systems. By partnering with them iCEDQ can better focus on the testing aspect of a mainframe related market.” – Sandesh Gawande (CTO – iCEDQ)

“We recognized iCEDQ as the leader in providing a world class platform for ETL Testing and Data Migration Testing. This partnership will allow companies to have unified data movement, of over 110 databases, from mainframe to relational to the cloud, and testing of the ETL and Data Migration process.” – Harpal Gill (SVP Sales & Alliances – Connx Solutions)

About CONNX Solutions, Inc.

CONNX Solutions is a leader in data access, migration, integration, virtualization, and replication. Their solutions enable quick, secure, and scalable SQL access to legacy, non-relational, relational, and cloud data wherever it resides, however, it is structured, without any change to your core systems. CONNX is quick and easy to set up and use and offers easy standards-based tools that are accessible, flexible, and scalable. Since 2001, CONNX solutions have been installed in more than 3,000 organizations worldwide and across a range of industries including government, manufacturing, education, technology, human resources, financial services, and telecommunications. CONNX’s solutions unleash the power and value of information providing organizations the ability to make confident, evidence-based business decisions.

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