iCEDQ Yellowbric Partnered

iCEDQ Partners with Yellowbrick

Migrating to a new data warehouse platform is generally a complex process and is risky due to potential data quality issues. In order to be successful, a data migration plan needs meticulous execution at every phase.

A key element of a migration plan includes working with all stakeholders such as architects, engineers, managers, and business users to develop a holistic strategy. However, an incomplete migration strategy will lead to excessive delays and cost overruns.

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iCEDQ Sponsoring Yellowbrick's Virtual Event for Data & Analytics Leading 2020

iCEDQ Sponsoring Yellowbrick’s Virtual Event for Data & Analytics Leading 2020

iCEDQ is sponsoring Yellowbrick’s virtual event on 29th September 2020. The virtual event will provide a platform for data and analytics leaders to share their playbook for building data strategy and will help you gain more value from your analytics infrastructure.

Yellowbrick is a high performing modern cloud data warehouse that can run heavy analytic workloads and supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Enterprises rely on Yellowbrick to get answers to the most challenging business questions at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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iCEDQ Receives Best Value Software Award by Software Suggest-iCEDQ

iCEDQ Receives Best Value Software Award by SoftwareSuggest

iCEDQ is an ETL testing & monitoring software developed by Torana Incorporation. It is an enterprise-suite DataOps Automation Software & Data Quality governance platform for ETL Testing and Data Migration Testing. Reports generated by iCEDQ help businesses with better decision making. iCEDQ caters to all data warehouse testing related challenges of huge organizations. iCEDQ provides an exclusive testing engine that lets users set up testing rules to compare and validate millions of rows (extracted from multiple source databases and loaded into a data warehouse) automatically. iCEDQ Big Data version was released last year.

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Sandesh Gawande to speak at Chief Data-iCEDQ

Sandesh Gawande to speak at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange in Toronto

Sandesh Gawande, CTO – iCEDQ has been invited to speak at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange held in Toronto, Canada. The CDAO Exchange is a unique, invitation-only meeting driven by pre-scheduled one-on-one workshops (business meetings) between pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers. Thought provoking conference sessions, executive roundtables, and innovative networking opportunities round out the agenda, resulting in three days of focused, structured business development and information exchange.

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Solutions Review had an expert-iCEDQ

Solutions Review had an expert discussion with our CTO Mr. Sandesh Gawande

An expert discussion featuring Sandesh Gawande, CTO of iCEDQ, on the need for automated data auditing, regulation, monitoring & testing of ETL processes in huge organizations. The conversation also covers why quality assurance and quality control are crucial for compliance in data migration. The discussion sheds light on how iCEDQ encompasses all aspects related to data testing and monitoring right from project planning, building, as well as data operations.

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iCEDQ at TDWI Anaheim-iCEDQ

iCEDQ at TDWI Anaheim Conference 2018

iCEDQ is exhibiting at TDWI World Conference in Anaheim. Dive into the future of data and analytics at TDWI Anaheim. TDWI agenda runs the gamut from the most important topics in data to indispensable analytics know-how. Learn to enable rapid scalability and elasticity, manage users and data security, democratize your analytics efforts, and innovate with machine learning and AI – all from expert instructors whose goal is to get you to the next level.

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iCEDQ at TDWI Chicago-iCEDQ

iCEDQ at TDWI Chicago Conference

iCEDQ is exhibiting at TDWI World Conference in Chicago. TDWI Chicago brings the future of data and analytics to life. Develop your skills on the most important topics in data management and analytics at TDWI Chicago Event.

iCEDQ is used to automate the testing of ETL, Data Migration and Production Data Monitoring. It helps by providing regression and integration testing and also offers better insights into data issues.

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iCEDQ HTML-5 Version Launched by Torana Inc

After successfully acquiring multiple enterprise customers and expanding its user base, Torana Inc. today announced the release of its product iCEDQ’s revamped HTML-5 version. As a part of an ongoing transition, this change makes the application more business user-friendly and secure. Torana Inc. is currently focused on two important enhancements in iCEDQ which are usability and performance. This version (12.X) promises better usability and enhanced performance.

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iCEDQ Back At TDWI Conference In Sunny Orlando-iCEDQ

iCEDQ Back At TDWI Conference In Sunny Orlando

iCEDQ will be exhibiting at the TDWI Orlando conference along with a number of industry experts that will be discussing modern data testing strategies. The iCEDQ platform helps leading companies be more agile in testing, accelerate time to market and minimize project risk for their Data Lake and Big Data projects. iCEDQ’s highly scalable proprietary in-memory engine Reconciles, Validates and Audits data used for regulatory and financial report certification, information quality management and data test automation.

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