iCEDQ is Fired Up to Attend PASS Summit 2017 in Seattle

iCEDQ at Pass Summit 2017

iCEDQ is Fired Up to Attend PASS Summit 2017 in Seattle

iCEDQ is excited to attend our first PASS Summit. PASS Summit is where the world’s largest community for technical data professionals gather for a week of learning, networking, career development, and fun. With over 4000 attendees, iCEDQ is proud to be part of the technical data professional community and help PASS members trust their enterprise data.

Our iCEDQ Platform allows DataOps teams and Data Engineers to certify their data pipelines from ingestion to reports and ultimately provides the confidence Business Decision Makers need to ensure they have the right data, to make the right decisions.

The core platform is built on a proprietary high throughput, a highly scalable in-memory engine that is able to validate today’s data volume, velocity, and veracity through data reconciliation, by measuring data accuracy & consistency, and identifying data gaps and anomalies.

Innovative data professionals and data scientists will be 70% more productive by using the iCEDQ platform to automate testing, monitoring of critical data as well as focus on successfully building and deploying data pipelines, warehouse, and data lake; which will ensure that your data communities can trust that only certified data will be used.

Please visit Booth #620 at PASS SUMMIT 2017 to find out how to gain trust with your enterprise data.

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